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Risks of a DIY Divorce

You may have seen advertisements recently for websites offering fast, inexpensive, do-it-yourself divorces. While the concept may seem tempting, it is likely not the best way to go. When you are ending a marriage the stakes can be high, especially…

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The Importance of Listening in Mediation

In Georgia, most family law cases are referred to mediation. This includes contested divorce cases – cases in which the parties do not agree on all the terms of a divorce – legitimations, and modifications of custody or child support….

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Who Takes Custody of the Pets in a Divorce?

Today is National Love Your Pet Day.  It is a time to reflect on the unique bond you have with your furry, feathered, hairy, scaled, or “other-ed” friends.  According to a survey from the American Pet Products Association, approximately 80…

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