You also have to manage the practical and financial changes that accompany divorce. This combination of complicated issues does not always bring out the best in people. We have all heard the horror stories of ugly and expensive divorces that cause significant emotional and financial harm.

Porchlight provides you confidence and security as you move through your divorce. We focus on reducing your stress while meeting your goals. Whether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce in Georgia, we can help you through the process. We tailor our strategy in each case to ensure that we are working toward what you want. We proactively update you on your case. We are easily accessible, with prompt response times, so you feel reassured at every step of the way. We treat our representation of you as a partnership—you bring your goals and desires, and we bring our experience and knowledge.

We understand that your divorce does not occur in isolation. While you need an attorney who provides excellent advice that is not enough. You also need an attorney who cares. At Porchlight, our priority is not only helping you reach your goals but also protecting your well being as you go through divorce.

Your legal goals need to align with your life goals—that includes all the emotional, financial, and practical issues that go along with your divorce. We work with you to ensure our legal strategy is serving you well in the big picture of your divorce.

Custom Flat Fees

We are unique compared to most contested and uncontested divorce attorneys in that we charge custom flat fees. Many divorce lawyers will charge by the hour, which makes the cost of a case unpredictable. You deserve to know what your case will cost up front, regardless of whether you settle or go to trial. Our custom flat fees gives you predictability in an otherwise stressful time.

Because we know divorce is often an unexpected expense, we offer payment plans to those who qualify. In your Strategy Session, we will give you a custom flat fee quote and the opportunity to apply for a payment plan if you want to.

Issues in Divorce

The most obvious goal of divorce is to end a marriage and let two former spouses go their separate ways. But because you and your spouse have built a life together, there are other issues a divorce needs to resolve. Your divorce will address all issues related to:

  • Division of property
  • Diving debt
  • Dealing with alimony issues
  • Child custody
  • Child support

All the details on these issues need to be hammered out—not just the broad strokes. The terms of your divorce will become a court order that both parties must follow.

The internet (and even your friends and family) are full of misinformation on how these issues will be handled in the divorce process. The information you get from others is not tailored to the specifics of your case—and every situation is different.

At Porchlight, we will patiently explain everything you need to know to feel confident about your case. With our guidance, we will help you understand what outcomes are likely in every aspect of your divorce. We will craft a strategy that gives you the greatest chance at success.

Contested Versus Uncontested Divorce

In Georgia, there are two types of divorces—uncontested and contested.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce occurs when both sides agree on all matters related to the end of the marriage. Those matters are addressed in a signed agreement.

At Porchlight, we encourage clients to save time, stress, and money by using the uncontested divorce process whenever possible. We are often able to help clients who think there is no other option to a contested divorce to reach an agreement with their spouse so they can have an uncontested divorce.

Even if you have already resolved all issues with your spouse, it is important to have an uncontested divorce lawyer looking out for your interests. In an uncontested divorce, we will:

  • Ensure the written agreement that you create reflects your intentions
  • No issues have been overlooked
  • None of your agreed upon terms are likely to create issues in the future

Having this type of security at the conclusion of the uncontested divorce process is truly invaluable.

What is a Contested Divorce?

In a Contested Divorce, the parties have not come to an agreement on some or all the issues involved in the divorce. When a divorce is contested, the process of getting divorced becomes more complicated, so it is essential to have the right attorney at your side.

A contested divorce can be resolved one of two ways: either by agreement with your spouse, called a settlement, or by going to trial in front of a judge. Settlement is the more common path, and it gives you more control over the result and a faster resolution. Our firm will work with you to achieve a settlement that is appropriate and reasonable while still achieving your goals. With the right guidance, even high conflict cases with difficult spouses on the other side can reach an agreement.

Getting Help with the Divorce Process

Divorce is one of the most stressful events that can happen in your life. There are so many decisions to make, emotions to consider, and financial issues to resolve. Having a contested or uncontested divorce attorney on your side who truly cares about you is crucial to your success. Porchlight will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today for your Strategy Session. We look forward to serving you.

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