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5 Hacks to Handle the Holidays When You’re Getting Divorced

A lot of people try to stick it out through the holidays, whether for their kids, to avoid family judgment at holiday gatherings, or a million other reasons. But if you’re completely miserable, people can probably already tell. You don’t have to spend the holidays with a fake smile plastered on your face pretending like nothing is wrong.

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5 Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

In this blog, you will learn about 5 benefits of an uncontested divorce. Wondering if an uncontested divorce is the right path for your and your spouse? We've put together some factors to help you reach a decision.

5 Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce
Child Custody

What is 50/50 Custody?

A lot of clients tell me that they want a 50/50 custody schedule. But they do not always know what that means. They may have heard good things about it from friends who use a 50/50 custody...

What is 50/50 Custody

5 Ways to Survive Social Distancing While Getting Divorced

Many spouses stay in the same home while divorcing. There may be practical or financial reasons for doing so, but it can still be stressful. Add in the stress created by coronavirus and social distancing and things can get unpleasant fast. Here are five tips to make sheltering in place with your spouse a better experience.

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