6 Ways to Talk to Your Divorce Attorney While Sheltering in Place

Posted on April 15, 2020 in

Social distancing due to coronavirus has made finding privacy difficult. But if you are getting divorced, you likely need to talk to your attorney. With an Executive Order requiring all Georgians to shelter in place due to COVID-19, you need to get a little creative to talk to your attorney. Below are six ways you can find privacy to call your divorce attorney during coronavirus.

1. Take a Call with Your Attorney When You Run Errands

You are allowed to pick up necessary supplies like groceries and household items. So you can plan to call your attorney at the same time. You should actually run those errands while you are out. But before or after going into the store, you can take a call from your car in the parking lot. If your spouse gets suspicious because you were gone for a long time, just tell them you were in search of toilet paper.

2. Plan to Call Your Attorney While Helping a Friend

Activities essential for the health and safety of others are permitted. You may have a family member, friend, or neighbor who needs help with basic daily activities. They may need help preparing food, cleaning, or getting basic supplies. You can plan to take a call at their house while you are already over there to help. This option will give you a more comfortable place to talk with your attorney than your car. It will also give you good karma for doing something nice for someone else.

3. Call Your Attorney While on a Walk

Outdoor exercise is allowed under the Executive Order. You can easily plan to talk to your divorce attorney while out on a walk. You will want to make sure other people walking cannot overhear you. That should not be too hard when maintaining six feet of social distance. This option will work best for shorter calls where you do not need to take notes. You also may not want to discuss highly emotional issues and risk having all your neighbors see you crying. 

4. Schedule a Call with Your Attorney for While Your Spouse is Out

Your spouse going out to walk or run errands is a good opportunity to talk to your divorce attorney from the comfort of your own home. This will work best if your spouse maintains a regular schedule, and you can predict when they will be home. If things are tense in your house, you can suggest planning a schedule to give each of you some space. If you can agree to give each other predictable alone time in the house, it will likely be more relaxing for everyone in general.

5. Talk to Your Attorney in Your Car Parked in the Driveway

You may find it hard to predict or schedule time for a call where you can be out of the house. One option is to simply take calls from your parked car. If you never leave your property, you are still social distancing. You likely have some other calls you do not want your spouse to overhear—such as venting about them to family and friends. If you make a habit of seeking privacy by taking calls in the car, then one more will not seem unusual.

6. Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce and Need to Call Your Attorney

You do not have to talk to an attorney before telling your spouse you want a divorce. If you are miserable social distancing with your spouse, there is a good chance your spouse feels the same way. Having a frank discussion may ease a lot of tension in the household. You can then mutually agree to give each other space to talk to your respective attorneys. You will likely both feel relieved that you do not have to wait any longer to start the divorce process.

With a little creativity, you can connect with your divorce attorney while social distancing. Coronavirus does not need to prevent your divorce from moving forward. If you need help with your divorce during this unusual time, give Porchlight a call, 678-435-9069.