Payment Plan 

At Porchlight, we understand just how important your case is to you and your family. We work hard to make your litigation affordable. You should never have to choose between asserting your family law rights and paying your monthly expenses.

We know that families rarely budget for legal costs. As a result, we understand that keeping legal expenses low is one of your top priorities. However, we never skimp on legal work up or investigation just to cut costs.

To increase access to the court system for all families, we have made efforts to create a lending program that allows you to pay your legal fees over time. We partner with a litigation finance company that provides financing so that you can make monthly payments with no up-front costs. Most of our clients will qualify for this program.

To get started, you will often receive offers from several lenders so you can choose the lender and terms that work best for you and your family. Learn more about this option as part of your Legal Clarity Session. Schedule it now by calling 678-435-9069 or click here.

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